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Wish you had more confidence?

Want to feel good about your body?

Need more joy in your life?

Life’s too short to not feel good in your body. If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed, and have too many demands from family, work, even friends. You’re not giving yourself enough time to focus on yourself, your hobbies and your well-being, and your relationships and health (mental & physical) are suffering.

Work with me and I’ll help you kickstart the changes you need to make to get back to YOU and who you really are.

I’ll do this by helping you:

- Improve your mindset and self-esteem

- Get clarity on what REALLY matters to you

- Feel more comfortable in your own skin

- Create boundaries to protect yourself and your energy

- Raise your vibration and start attracting the things you want

- Know that you’re enough, loveable and worthy, just as you are!

I can help you to go from feeling stressed and insecure to feeling calm, confident, and happy.

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“There was a shift in my mental and emotional state as a result of the work with Ginny. There are times in our lives when we get ‘stuck’ and struggle to change negative patterns and we need a helping hand to get back on course.”  Carol

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About me... Hi! I'm Ginny Marsh

I’m a body confidence & wellbeing coach and portrait photographer based in Surrey in the UK. I have been working with women for more than 10 years to help them feel empowered and celebrate body confidence through photography and coaching.

I used to be really shy in front of the camera and was so self-critical of how I looked, so I can completely relate to my clients when they book a photoshoot and feel really nervous. I also reached burnout in 2017. I was pretty much married to my business and had no social life, no love life and no hobbies, and was working 7 days a week. I was so busy helping people, I’d forgotten who I was or what truly made me feel good! My body forced me to stop and gave me a wake-up call.

After going on a yoga retreat at the start of my burnout, I completely changed the way I saw myself and my business for the better. I learned how to put myself and my health first, learned to love myself, lost nearly 2 stone in weight, started running and found my soulmate over the course of 2 years. Lockdown also gave me the opportunity to train as a body confidence and wellbeing coach, which was life-changing (for me as well as my clients).

I now help women feel good and love who they are so that they can confidently show up in their business, improve their relationships and feel empowered to take on the world!

In my spare time, I love to practice yoga and meditation, spend time swimming or being in the great outdoors and I also sing in the Rock Choir. I love to do anything to raise my vibration and make me feel good!

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You might want to make a change in your career or business. Or perhaps you want to return to the workforce after years focusing on others. But even the thought of showing up to your clients, let alone getting in front of a camera or speaking to others makes your palms sweat and your heart pump. Even your mouth forgets how to speak!

Gorgeous You Coaching is a tailored approach to dealing with the things YOU want to focus on. We don’t focus on your problems; we create a solid action plan to help you achieve the things you want to achieve. You know you deserve better, let’s help you achieve it.

Do any of the following resonate with you? Gorgeous You Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You know something has to shift, you’re just not sure what.
  • You’ve got a habit of putting your own needs behind everyone else’s (and feel guilty if you do anything for yourself).
  • You want to create more fun in your life.
  • You’ve tried therapies in the past such as CBT, but they haven’t worked for you.
  • You’re approaching a milestone birthday and want to enter the next phase of your life feeling 100%.
  • You’ve lost confidence in your body due to past illness or burnout and is creating a barrier in your relationship with your partner.
  • You hate the way you look in photos and in videos and avoid being caught on camera whenever possible.
  • You realise you’ve spent too much of your life feeling negative about yourself and want to start living more positively.
  • You want to feel sexy again and learn to love your body.
  • You worry that your behaviours are setting a negative example for your children to follow.
  • You feel like you might just be able to reach your goals, if only you could lose weight/find more time/get that next qualification.

All I ask of you is that you’re committed to making a change. Now is the time to focus and take control.

“Before, I was feeling frumpy, fat, old and that I was ‘past it’. I feel so much better now. For one, age is now just a number. I love my body, feeling healthy and good in myself.”  Suzanne

"I realised that having lost weight, I still didn't feel as happy as I’d hoped with myself and my body... Now, I've not said anything negative to myself when getting dressed/undressed /looking in the mirror" - Carol

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How do I know Gorgeous You Coaching is right for me?


Coaching can feel like a big commitment, I know. Which is why I offer a free hour-long coaching call, worth £122, to help you:

  1. Find out if we’re a good match for one another
  2. Identify what area of yourself or your life you need to work on
  3. Create an action plan of how to make the changes

“To anyone else in my situation, I’d say take that leap of faith! If you’re feeling the slightest bit unsure or anxious, just try it – it’ll make the world of difference. We owe it to ourselves to love ourselves more.”  Priya

"Before, I felt like I wouldn't be able to accomplish my goals. Now, I feel that my body is wonderful and can do some amazing things and that I have a lot of power within myself to change anything I want to!" - Tonitia

If we’re not right for each other, or you don’t feel I can help you, there’s no pressure.

Ready to find out more?

Book your first coaching call for free here.

Complete the Gorgeous You Coaching programme and feel calm, confident, and happy

You have a choice of a 6-month or 3-month programme. By the end of our time together, you’ll:

  • Have an improved mindset. You’ll feel more positive and happier in life. You’ll also feel exactly how you want to feel in other areas of your life.
  • Know your priorities and what to focus on
  • Raise your vibration and start attracting the things, people and situations you want
  • Have clear goals & know what you want for the future
  • Have better boundaries and improved relationships with your loved ones
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin and have your mojo back!
  • Have your own personal toolkit to go to whenever you need an energy boost/confidence/self-love/positivity/to feel good
  • Create enjoyable new habits every day/week to keep you feeling good and get you to reach more goals
  • Know how AMAZING and POWERFUL you are!
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What if I sign up and decide it’s not for me?

I know my coaching methodology works and have seen the (incredible) way it transforms lives. That’s why I have a guarantee. If, within the first 14 days of working with me, you decide that Gorgeous You Coaching is not for you, I’ll refund your fee.


“I don’t think I realised how much I needed Ginny’s coaching until we did it. What Ginny does isn’t a one size fits all, she goes the extra mile to make sure everything is personalised and bespoke.” Priya

Thankyou for booking me

A tailored coaching programme to help you start loving yourself and your life


  • I run my hour-long sessions using Zoom. If you live near me, you can have your sessions face-to-face.


  • Enough pace to keep you accountable and motivated with the changes you want to make.


  • A variety of techniques and therapies to help you make the shifts you want to make.


What’s the investment?


You can choose between a 12-month, 6-month, or 3-month course.


The 12-month course is £300 per month and gives you 2 x sessions per month. That's a total cost of £3,600 for 24 hours of coaching.


The 6-month course is £450 per month and gives you 3 x sessions per month. That’s a total cost of £2,700 for 18 hours of coaching.


The 3-month course is £600 per month and gives you 4 x sessions per month. That’s a total cost of £1,800 for 12 hours of coaching.


As you can see, there’s no sneaky upsell (all coaching sessions come in at a flat price of £150 and include text and email support in-between). You won’t need to buy any extra materials (although it's a good excuse for a nice new notebook!) or spend time travelling, so all you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone and you’ll be ready to go!

Gorgeous You Photography

Want even MORE of a transformation?


I've been running a successful portrait photography business for the last 12+ years, specialising in helping women to feel good about themselves and their appearance.

When coaching is combined with a transformational photoshoot, magical things happen. It not only changes your mindset and the way you see yourself (and helps you to gain confidence in front of the camera), but it will also show you a beauty in you that you haven't seen in ages, if ever!

I even work with a wardrobe stylist who will work with you to find which outfits flatter your figure and what colours make your eyes sparkle and give you even more of a confidence boost.

Plus, you'll have some of the best portraits you've ever seen of yourself that will mark this journey in your life and give you a confidence boost and reminder of how awesome you are every time you see them.

Head over to the Gorgeous You Photography website via the link below to learn more and check out my combined coaching and photography packages...

Sounds awesome, right?

Check out my transformational coaching and photography packages!

One last thought…


Too many of us are amazing at putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. If you spend money on yourself, it has to be ‘for a special occasion’ or because ‘it was in the sales’.

Let’s be honest here. Investing in your mental health and happiness isn’t an indulgence. It’s a sensible step to ensuring healthy and satisfying relationships with your family, your friends, your colleagues, and - most importantly – with yourself.

How can you achieve the things you want to achieve in life if you feel miserable and lack confidence? You only get one life, don’t leave it until it’s too late to enjoy it!

Ginny Marsh - thinking 2

“I’m very glad I was able to kickstart the changes needed to help me feel brighter and happier. It’s like I’ve switched on a little voice that reminds me to be kinder to myself. I really do believe that Ginny was key in helping me start a process that is making a real difference to my feelings about myself.”  Carol

Are you in?

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